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Julius Chatton; 24; Houston, TX

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This is really sharp. Kinda a wide tie though, you feel me?


Hey, Miss Coryn, I’m not sure if your read my last post, but if you did hopefully you see this one. I deleted the other one, but if you didn’t read, I basically stated that I am jealous of you which I am. Because I like you and I see that in many ways you are better human being than I am. And I’m not trying to butter you up these are my honest feelings. So hopefully, from the last post if you felt anything it would be pity on me, but not that I don’t like you. I really do like you, and I just see that everyone else likes you too, and I’m just kinda being a selfish brat. I’m really sorry.

guise. i hate to be that kid, but HOE MY GAWD IM SOOOOOOOOOOOR DRUNK AGH! I cannot sit up straigt, and I’m messaging weird shit. also, i realize, in my proper mind that this is ridiculous (RIDICULOUS *boggart shrivel*) which is the most WEIRD PART OF THIS ALCOHOL THING. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH ARGGGGGGGGGGH UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH sleep.

I FEEEEEEEL GOOD DUNANANANANA! Happy #Birthday to me! #18 isn’t terrible with this hat! XD

#asimplerhome @natbear66 so you might dig this, either way my followers should follow this bro, cuz he’s got a sweet life to share!


How to pack a travel capsule


I coded and made the essence of me with a message of love.